Creative Producer

What exactly do I do?

Do I work on the business side or do I come up with ideas? What industry do I work in: startup, advertising, film, or academia? Do I develop projects on my own or do I work with teams of specialists? Why 'creative' producer instead of just producer?

The answer is..............yes

I design and build things for people to connect, play, and learn, creating structure that helps teams move towards a common creative vision. I do this by building teams of artists, designers, and engineers, translating between strategy, financial, and production teams, and designing experimental online and live events.

I've worked with cultural organizations, game studios, universities, NGOs, Fortune 500s, and more. Want to work with me? Reach out


Develop and facilitate production for 3D animation, games, experiences, and all the screen based arts


Design new media art, emerging storytelling, and creative technology programming that builds ecosystems of builders across the arts, environment, and the social sciences, opens channels of active learning and play, and explores how digital behavior redefines physical space.

Experimental Gatherings

Concept, direct, and execute experimental events that rethink how we experience the world around us

Livestream Production

Video credit: Goethe Institut Thailand